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The energy levels in the Boys’ Middle School is amazing at the moment. For people who question why as a teacher I would want to spend my days looking after 12 – 15 year old boys, all I can say is come and spend some time in our Middle School and see for yourself why this age group is by far the best to be around. Yes there are issues of course, at this age there will always be issues, but the positives far outweigh any of those issues. Our boys are great young men; they’re kind, respectful and polite. They’re learning through the guidance predominantly from you as their parents, as well as us here as their teachers, what their place is in this world and how to become positive contributors. There are times, and there will be more times, when they don’t act in the way we expect them to, when they do make mistakes and make a wrong choice – if they do, it’s our job to help them to understand why this choice was wrong, what a better choice could have been and hopefully educate them to be able to make better choices in the future.

On Friday 12 February the Year 9 boys went to Scienceworks for an excursion and following on from the positive start mentioned above, the staff at Scienceworks commented to our teachers how wonderful our students were.

 On Tuesday 16th as part of Challenge the Year 9s were involved in activities organised by Supreme Incursions. These were a lot of little team orientated challenges and also a lot of little fun activities.

Our Year 8s are working really well at the moment and the reports from teachers is that the level of effort in their work has been exceptional. They will be challenged by the work load but will be guided well by their Pastoral Mentors as they year progress through the year. 8E boys in PE were working on their fitness testing recently with activities such as stair runs, skipping, punching bags, bikes, rowers, etc.

The Year 7s have settled really well into their classes and have adapted to Middle School really well. The boys this week have recently sat the Middle Years Ability Test (MYAT). The MYAT is a test of general ability designed to assist teachers in assessment of students aged 10–15 years. As well as verbal and numerical reasoning items, MYAT includes non-verbal (or abstract) reasoning items, giving a more complete picture of students’ general ability. This assessment has been used over a number of years at Tintern Grammar, providing staff with information which enables us to cater in a more targeted way to student ability, thereby enhancing student learning.

Finally it was great to see our community at St Paul’s Cathedral on Sunday 21 February for our annual Cathedral Service, it really was a lovely service filled with beautiful singing and music.




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