Boys’ Middle School News

When reading a good book, it’s always a fulfilling experience to close the pages when the book is finished. It’s a similar feeling when you reach the end of a school year. When we take the opportunity to reflect back on what our boys have accomplished throughout the year, or what experiences they have undertaken, it’s just as fulfilling. To think of our Year 7s who less than 12 months ago began their secondary schooling journey, to our current Year 8s who are now heading into leadership within our Middle School, and of course our Year 9s who we bid farewell to as they move into our Senior College.

The last two weeks of the school year has seen our boys begin their transition into their new classes for 2019. They have begun their 2019 timetable completely and the level of commitment and effort they have displayed was fantastic to see. Our Year 9s moved into the Senior College and started their Year 10 subjects, with a large number of them also beginning a VCE Unit 1/2 subject as well. They also spent the second of the two weeks on their Summer Expeditions; this had them either hiking the high country, climbing around Mount Arapiles or white water rafting the Mitta Mitta River. This is always a fantastic way to finish the year for the boys and provides them with some great experiences, both physically and with friends.

Our Year 8s have had an action packed couple of weeks with drama and music performances to the ELC, Billy Cart Race Day, Medieval Day, City Experience and of course our Ironman event on the final day, plus much more. The Year 7s have also been involved in many activities including Maths Magic Shows, Ironman and Science incursions. All this whilst getting a great start in their new subjects for next year.

At our final assembly of the year we presented our Year 9 boys on stage and officially farewelled them into Year 10. Included in this was the presentation of our annual Endeavour Award and JP Masters Award. This Year the Endeavour Award went to Oliver Huang and our JP Masters Award to Charlie Carboon. A big congratulations to these boys who, along with many other possible candidates, have both displayed a fantastic approach to their learning both in class at Tintern but also in their development into fine young men.

Our Term 4 Factis non Verbis Awards were also presented, with the recipients being:

7D – Will Storey

7E – Tim Yu

8D – Mark Evans

8E – Tristan Stafford

9D – Julian Amiet

9E – Ben Bizley

I would like to wish all our families a very merry Christmas and a happy and safe holiday period. I’d like to thank you for entrusting us with the education of your boy(s) and in helping to grow them into the fine young men they are all becoming. As I mentioned at the start, closing a book is always great feeling, but knowing there is another, even more exciting, sequel about to start is even better. I really look forward to seeing everyone back at school in 2019.



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