Boys’ Middle School News

The end of the academic year for the respective year levels has arrived and the boys are now entrenched in their 2019 classes with work already beginning for their new subjects. This transition provides the boys an early taste of what awaits them next year in terms of academic expectations, as well as most of the staff that will be working alongside them next year. For our current Year 7s this includes an introduction to their first elective subjects as well as new core subjects. Our current 8s have begun discussions around Year 9 and the activities included in that year, such as the camping program that begins in Week 5 of next year. Our current Year 9s have been up in the Senior College experiencing life as it will be for the next three years for them.

In the recent weeks, we have had all boys completing end of year tests and assignments which has provided many of them with an increase in homework and revision strategies prior to these assessments. For our Year 9s boys it was their first experience of examinations (English, Science and Maths) in the CM Wood Centre and the level of effort they displayed to their assessments was really pleasing.

Our Year 8 boys have recently completed leadership applications, which for some, included a speech at our recent assembly to their peers. This was such a fulfilling experience to see the level of maturity these boys are developing and the desire to take on leadership roles in our school. The positions will be announced at our end of year assembly on Tuesday 11 December beginning at 10am.

Our Movember campaign continues with our fundraising efforts reaching more than $1500 so far. We appreciate all the support that has been provided and we are really looking forward to the 30th so we can shave! Follow this link if you wish to donate to our team

The Resilience Project is being introduced to our Middle Schools next year and recently our staff received a presentation by Hugh van Cuylenburg, founder of The Resilience Project. The presentation highlighted the utmost importance around how we as a community (home and school) need to be doing everything we can to help the mental health of our young people. I personally am really looking forward to the program beginning next year. Follow this link to watch a Ted Talk by Hugh.




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