Boys’ Middle School News

A four day weekend is welcome at any time as it refreshes not just the boys, but the staff also. It provides our boys with the opportunity to prepare for what is the last few weeks of their current year level before transition begins for everyone. All year levels finish their current classes on Friday 23 November including English, Science and Maths exams for Year 9s, and a number of end of year assessments for other year levels. On Monday 26 November, all boys move to their new year levels and begin their 2019 timetables. This will mean new pastoral groups, new mentors, new electives, etc. This transition period runs for two full weeks for our current Year 7s and 8s, whilst our current Year 9s complete one week of transition and one week of Summer Expeditions.

Our Year 7 Night of the Notables was a huge success and showcased the fantastic work our Year 7 boys and girls put into their projects. To see the students on stage introducing themselves, then talking in detail to all the guests was a great sight and a reflection of the skills this project brings out in our Year 7s.

Our Year 8 boys are currently applying for leadership positions for 2019 with a range of possible roles from School Leaders (Captain, Vice-Captain and School Leaders), House Captains, and Co-curricular Captains. Part of this process involves a written application and interview, with those applying for School Leaders’ roles also having to make a speech at an upcoming assembly. The leadership team will be selected after considering student and staff votes, as well as the combination of boys that will form a strong team.

At a recent assembly our Term 3 Factis Non-verbis awards were presented to the following boys:

7D – Euan Forbes

7E – Lachlan Smith

8D – Blake Chrisfield

8E – Austen Humphreys

9D – Jack Dong

9E – Riley Turnbull

Congratulations to each of these boys on their recognition.

As many would be aware, this month we are supporting the cause of Movember by having a number of staff participate in both the moustache-growing component as well as the exercise component. A very big thank you to all families who have made a donation to our Movember team, but more importantly, this has provided our boys with an opportunity to recognise issues associated with men’s health, if not for now, then in the future for them. If you are interested in donating to our team please follow this link:




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