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In the last two weeks we have seen two of the more significant events in our school calendar: our Celebration Evening and our Valedictory Service. The Celebration Evening at Robert Blackwood Hall was a fantastic event that showcased so much of what is wonderful about our school. It was an opportunity to recognise individual achievements through academic success and other areas, as well as an opportunity for some of our very talented actors, singers and musicians to display their talents. The final medley of songs from Sister Act 2 was a real treat, but nothing compares to the way in which our students sang the Southwood Boys Song, especially the verse sung by our Year 12 boys on their own. This is always a special part of the evening and one that our boys really look forward to taking part in, having watched it happen in the five previous years.

The second significant event was our Valedictory Service where the Class of 2018 is presented to the whole school (Prep – Year 12), parents and special guests. This was our final opportunity to congratulate, farewell and wish good luck to this group as they venture into examination time and then life beyond school. Another tradition that happens is that Mr Kenny and myself join the boys to sing the song once more around the compass that’s embedded into the ground outside the library. Again, a very emotional and moving part of our school and one that I’m sure all boys look forward to doing when they finish Year 12 – it’s a favourite of many of the parents too!

Mental health and wellbeing is a critical part in the development of all young men and recently our Year 9 boys were presented with a session on this topic by an organisation called SALT. It was a fantastic session that gave our boys information and guidance for both dealing with their own mental health problems, should that be the case, or ways to assist their mates who may be struggling. Other organisations such as Lifeline or Beyond Blue were raised as places our boys could go if they felt they couldn’t bring it to their parents or a teacher at school.

This week now sees the beginning of our 2019 leadership campaign for our Year 8 boys. For those who are interested, there will be opportunities for leadership in our School Leaders’ roles, House Captains and three Co-curricular Captains. All positions will involve a written application, with School Leaders also required to make a speech at an upcoming assembly.

Our Year 7 Night of the Notables is happening this week and I know there is a lot of excitement within the boys around being organised, prepared and ready for their evening performance.

On Wednesday 31 October at 7PM, our Principal Mr Fry is presenting to our parent audience on the topic of ‘Young people and pornography – myths and facts’. Mr Fry presented part of this session to staff at a recent after-school meeting, with most staff being completely amazed by the alarming statistics around pornography and our young people. I highly encourage all parents to find the time to attend the session if possible. You can book to attend here.

As we head into the mid-term break of Melbourne Cup weekend, it is a time for the boys to regroup and refresh themselves for the last few weeks of term. In the week beginning 26 November all our boys begin their transition program by moving into their 2019 classes and beginning their new timetable. This is a two-week transition for our current Year 7 and 8s, whilst our Year 9 boys will spend one of these two weeks on camp. The end of this year classes will be upon us before we know it.



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