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Over the weekend I had a moment where I looked at my four children and thought, ‘you still do as we ask (for the most part)’ and, ‘you still think that mum and dad are the “bosses” of everything’. I then began to dread the moment in time when they shift from being beautiful, fun, energetic children and move into that scary world of adolescence. I’m sure there are many of you reading this that would be nodding with a wry smile about what is still to come for my wife and I.

Whilst pondering these scary thoughts I did come across a good article that talked about adolescence and understanding the teen years by a gentleman called Steven Dowshen, MD. The article talks about puberty being so much more than the obvious physical changes that we see in our children, as well as tips on how to help yourself when dealing with a teenager (or sometimes more than one) such as recognising signs, communicating, picking battles, etc. Read the article here

Despite these adolescent challenges, our boys have still been doing some pretty amazing things at school. Adam and Joshua Choong from Year 9, combined with their big brother Gavin, to enter the 2018 ChooseMaths Student Competition and have made it to the national finals. It is an amazing effort and highlights the incredible talents, academic and creative, of our Middle School boys. Watch their video here.

Our Year 9s have been busily preparing for Winter Camp which begins on Monday 13 August. It has our boys skiing, white water rafting, mountain biking, etc. and promises to be a lot of fun. Our Year 8s have moved into their new rotating core and elective subjects, whilst our Year 7s have celebrated 100 days of Year 7, as well as begun their EISM sporting competition. Our Year 7 & 8 boys have also begun a new social media program called SoMe which is aimed at helping to educate our boys (and girls) around the safe use of social media.




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