Boys’ Middle School News

A big welcome back to everyone from our semester break and a special welcome to the new families that have joined the Tintern community. I had an amazing holiday with my wife and I building up the courage to take our first ‘major’ family holiday with our four children (ages 3 to 8). Fiji was our destination, and a great resort that catered fantastically for my children – which subsequently gave my wife and I some to also to relax and enjoy ourselves.

I met a lot of wonderful people whilst away, as well as when back here in Melbourne, and I had some fascinating conversations with them around the future of the world and where things were heading for our (your) children. One gentleman that I was speaking with is a CEO of a major financial institution with an office here in Melbourne, and another a pilot for QANTAS flying the A380 planes. What was fascinating about these conversations was the consistency in their thoughts on what companies/organisations are looking for today when employing people to work for them. They both agreed that good marks were essential, at least to get your foot in the door. However, once in the interview it came down to their personality and their ability to demonstrate that they would be a valuable member of their team. There was a lot of focus on words such as collaboration, teamwork, communication, etc. as being imperative skills future job aspirants needed. One quoted, “a lot of the skills and content knowledge you learn on the job, being a good team player and collaborator is something they need to bring”.

This was fascinating to me as throughout the last few years I have been talking to our boys about ‘personal brand’ – what makes you, you. About how in a rapidly changing world due to increasing levels of education, globalisation, information technology, etc., human qualities is still the most important factor that many employees are looking for. I talk to our Year 9 boys about part-time job hunting and that if they are applying for a job at the local McDonald’s, it’s probably with another 150 aspirants just like them. What do they need to do to stand out? What do they need to do to ensure they are the ones flipping those burgers down the track because Mr McDonald recognised him as being someone that would be a valuable contributor to their team.

Our Year 8 boys (and girls) will have an opportunity later this term to practise some of these skills when they are introduced to a new program we are running this year called ‘The Smoothie Bar’. They will be designing an actual smoothie, researching, marketing, costing, before finally pitching their product to an audience who will be judging their performance. Keep an eye out for further information on a very exciting program.

This term also sees our Year 7s and 8s involved in a social media program titled SoMe (Social Me). The program is run by Professor Susan Paxton from La Trobe University and is aimed at providing our students with an awareness of social media, how to critically evaluate social media and on promoting positive social media use. It looks like a great program in an area that needs continual support.

Our Year 9s will be heading off on their second camp for the year this term. The Winter Camp takes them to Howqua (just outside of Mansfield) and has them skiing, white water rafting, mountain biking, hiking, commando courses, etc. It’s a great camp for the students, with many lasting memories made.

Subject selection is currently happening with our Year 7s and 8s selecting elective subjects, whilst our Year 9s are also selecting elective subjects, or potentially looking at selecting a VCE or VET subject to begin accelerating in during 2019. Be sure to speak to your son’s pastoral mentor or me if you have any questions.

Please be sure to keep in contact with the school whenever you have questions. I wish everyone a great Term 3 as we head towards Spring and hopefully some warmer weather.



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