Boys’ Middle School News

The pressure has certainly been on our boys over the last few weeks as the semester draws to an end. Assignments, tests, reports, projects, presentations, plus much more have been regular occurrences through the Middle School classrooms as teachers provide opportunities for the boys to demonstrate their learnings throughout Semester 1. For many subjects, this is the end until next year, with others such as Maths, Science, English, PE and Languages continuing on to Semester 2.

At the end of this term the reports for Semester 1 will be made available via our Portal. Please take the time to sit down with your son and go through each subject report. Discuss the comments made by the teacher, the results obtained in assessments, and very importantly the behavioural indicators related to effort, behaviour and participation. At the beginning of term 3 the boys will be completing a reflection and goal setting session in Pastoral focussing on their results from Semester 1 and goals for Semester 2.

Tuesday 19 June saw the culmination of our Year 9 House Showdown performance in the CM Wood Centre in front of quite a big crowd. The activity has both our boys and girls from Year 9 working together in their Houses to choreograph, design and produce a 4 – 5 minute dance routine, an insider’s video to their House, and a brochure explaining their theme. It was a wonderful opportunity for the boys and girls to work together in a group that will be their pastoral group for the next three years.

Our Year 7s are trialling for different sports teams for term 3 when their first season in EISM begins. It will be great to see them competing for our School and enjoying the challenge that each opposing team brings them.

8E was recently involved in a Year 8 Music afternoon where they, and 8B, performed a variety of songs, played an array of instruments and entertained the two Junior Schools really well. This was all from lessons they received throughout Semester 1 and for some boys, this is one of the few times that they will ever be on stage, involved in a musical activity. It really is great to see them challenged by such activities and to see them rise to the occasion.

I wish everyone a safe and happy holiday. I look forward to the return of all of our boys as well as a few new starters into Tintern Grammar who I’m sure the boys will make feel very welcome.




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