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The last two weeks have seen our Middle School Boys really busy. From House Singing, ICAS competitions, History competitions, Sport, Hip Hop, Academic Challenge days, da Vinci Decathlons, guest speakers, course work, plus much more. It’s amazing how many activities are running during any given fortnight and it’s great to see so many students getting involved, some voluntarily, some compulsory.

One of our major House events finished up last week with the annual House Singing competition occurring on Wednesday 30th May. This year it was Disney themed with the common song coming from the classic move The Lion King. It is always great to see all boys and girls from Yea 7 – 12 up on stage performing the songs and enjoying the competition. A highlight of the day is always the karaoke that Mr Kenny provides to finish the competition, resulting in many students with voices that were left a little hoarse. A big congratulations to Dann Watt House who were the 2018 House Singing Champions.

Our Year 8 boys and girls had a guest speaker by the name of Richard Colman OAM who presented to the students about his life in a wheelchair. He spoke of motivation, persistence, resilience and other attributes about making a success out of life. It was a powerful talk that really captured the attention of our boys and girls.

On Monday 4th June, our Year 7 and 9 boys listened to a similar talk from paraplegic Robbie Peime who was presenting to the Boys’ Junior School. It was a captivating talk providing the boys with insights into Robbie’s situation as well as about making the most of what life has to offer.

Our Year 7s have currently been participating in 4 weeks of Hip Hop during sport and it has been amazing to see the level of enthusiasm and excitement around the activity. It has challenged a number of boys (and girls) in terms of their co-ordination and their fitness levels, but provided them all with a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction at the end. It was great to see them successfully put together a number of dance routines and then perform these to the instructors and to the Grade 5 and 6 students from our Junior School. What was also a highlight was the dance routine put together by the instructors at the end. In Sport now, the focus turns to competition in preparation for their first season in EISM beginning in Term 3.

Our Year 9s are currently preparing for their House Showdown performance in the last week of this term. This is an event run by our Year 9 House Captains and Leaders, and will involve them putting on a performance to the parents on the evening of Tuesday 19th June. This activity challenges a lot of students in terms of having them work under pressure, collaborate together, communicate with each other and eventually work well as a team to put on their performance.




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