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The cold weather has set in, and with that comes a lot more inside time for our boys during the day. This provides challenges to some of our more active boys as they struggle to find ways to expend their energies, although it has also provided opportunities for a large number of them to find entertainment from old-fashioned activities such as card games and board games. It was great to see a large group of them playing these types of games rather than having their heads immersed in their devices. Another positive has been the social interactions that you see in our library (Cullen Resource Centre) between both the boys and girls from across many of the year levels. It’s great to see them connecting and forming ongoing friendships that will be important as they progress toward their final year of schooling 2021, 2022 and 2023. This sounds scary, but time will fly.

At assembly this week our Middle School Captain talked about acceptance of all people, especially here at school. This was continued with discussion around the understanding that everyone is different, everyone has their own interests, their own likes and dislikes, and it is important that we recognise that not everyone will be our friend, but everyone needs to be respected.

Winter Sport for our Year 8 and 9s now begins after five weeks of trials and training. The boys will be involved in AFL, soccer, badminton or table tennis, with a smaller group participating in recreation activities in our school gym. The Year 7s have just begun a 4-week module on Hip Hop dancing which was amazing. It was fantastic to see, and participate with, approximately 100 Year 7 students as we were choreographed through an energetic dance routine. It was challenging for a large number of us (especially me), really pushing the left-brain, right-brain, theory – I think I’ve proven that older brains just don’t do it as well as the younger ones!

Last week we held our Careers Night in the CM Wood Centre where over 50 alumni came back to school to meet with our Year 9 to 12 students and their parents to discuss their chosen career and pathways. It was an amazing evening with such a positive atmosphere and contribution from our alumni. I’m sure our students and their families were able to take a lot away from and hopefully to help them in their thoughts and planning for the future.




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