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A random act of kindness can go a long way. I spoke to the Middle School boys this week in assembly about an experience of mine in Paris when I was travelling through Europe. I was at the end of my travels, strapped for cash, sleeping in a tent as my accommodation and consuming a very basic (but still delicious) diet. It was one of my last days of travel and I was sitting at a café enjoying a coffee when a conversation began between myself, a lady from America and a gentleman from Quebec in Canada. We talked of life, Paris, travelling, etc. To summarise, this gentleman took both myself and the American lady under his wing and gave us a 12-hour experience of Paris. This included a guided tour of the city, food with wine to match, music, plus much more. All the while I kept saying to him that I can’t afford this, I don’t have the money, etc. to which he eventually said to me that one day, when you’re in a position to do something for someone, make sure you do it. This has stuck with me forever – a simple act of kindness that had a very profound effect on me, my impression of Paris, and my impression of people in general. For teenage boys, looking past the end of their own nose is often a struggle, so to take a moment to think of others and look for ways to potentially provide an act of kindness to someone is really important.

Our Year 8 boys have begun a pastoral program on Healthy Masculinity which will look at them as young men growing up and the expectations that society places on them. They will look at what is real, what is not, and the importance of acceptance and respect for everyone regardless of who they are. Our Year 9s have been discussing drugs and alcohol and the impact this can have on young bodies both physically and emotionally. We were fortunate to have two of our Year 12 boys come back to talk to the boys about their experience in Year 9, 10, etc., and how they can now reflect on choices they made back then.

All year levels are currently preparing for House Singing which is Disney themed this year, and it’s such an amazing thing to hear the humming, singing, etc. of these songs throughout the corridors of the building even long after practice is finished.

We have our Annual Cathedral Service on Sunday 20 May at 2:30pm at St Paul’s Cathedral in the city. It is a wonderful service filled with reflection, prayer and beautiful music. It is a compulsory Secondary School event with the students required to be in full uniform including tie.




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