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Term 2 started with a bang; literally, the bang of our starter’s gun as our Athletics Day was held at Proclamation Park in Ringwood on the first day of term. It was a great day, helped by the cooler, but dry weather, and by the wonderful attitude and level of effort displayed throughout the day by all boys and girls. The competition was tight in the Boys’ Middle School with many wonderful individual efforts, as well as some excellent team relays. Special congratulations to our Year Level Champions: Year 7 – Jedid She, Year 8 – Blake Chrisfield, and Year 9 – Kaidin Dalzotto, who put in fantastic performances across the whole day. Also congratulations to Somner/Stewart House who finished the overall champions on the day.

Beginning a new term allows everyone a fresh start and an opportunity to plan and set goals for the coming term. Having received mid-semester reports and the end of Term 1, and also spoken with teachers at Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences, it’s a great opportunity for our boys to put into place some goals they have set themselves to continue achieving as the semester progresses.

When boys are aiming towards particular goals, it’s important that feedback is provided to them about their progress. This feedback, both during and post a particular goal phase, needs to be primarily about their effort and not necessarily about their result. Carol Dweck, Professor of Psychology at Stanton University is a huge believer in a growth mindset and positive psychology. She writes that when a child or adult is praised for their results, such as “well done, you are really smart”, the child/adult hears: “oh, you think I’m brilliant and talented. That’s why you admire me – that’s why you value me. I better not do anything that will disprove this evaluation. As a result, they enter a fixed mindset, they play it safe in the future and they limit the growth of their talent.” Those praised for efforts are far more likely to see the next challenge as one worth taking on as another means of growth. Effort from our boys is what we are after and this ties in with the Personal Brand theme we have been talking to our boys about this year – being the best them they can be.

*** EVENT UPDATE *** Unfortunately due to low numbers we have decided to cancel the Bush Dance this Friday 4 May. But we are pleased to share that The Blackberry Jam Bush Band will visit the Junior Schools during term 2 to run a fun activity with the students. Parents will be welcome to join us for this occasion. More details will be shared in the coming weeks.



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