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Trying to keep track of all the different activities that are occurring across the Boys Middle School is extremely challenging; not just for us, but also the boys and the families. In the last few weeks the Year 8 boys have been focussing on leadership opportunities for next year with the boys who have applied for Middle School Captain performing their speeches at the most recent assembly. At this assembly for all Middle School boys Mr Fry attended and gave the boys a presentation on what leadership is, how it is applied in school, and also on the expectations on the leadership team for next year. He went on to reiterate to the cohort that leadership, whether you are in a titled position or not, is something that all boys will be given the opportunity to show and to develop through their schooling journey. At the same assembly, Gavin Choong of Year 9 played a piece of music titled Moonlight Sonata – 1st Movement by Beethoven. It was an amazing piece, please see the video below.

Part of their opportunities to show leadership included their participation in the Year 7 2016 Orientation Program on Wednesday 18 November. All Year 8 boys were involved in touring the new boys around the school, showing them key aspects of the grounds and where to find many different building, classes and people. A group of Year 8s also assisted in providing our new boys with a performance on key aspects of Middle School. It included a number of little ‘skits’ regarding key ideas around what to do when… They showed things such as when you forget your lunch money, when you forget your PE gear, when you haven’t been able to do homework, etc. It was organised completely by the boys and it was fantastic. It certainly made the new Year 7 boys feel very welcome and help to build their excitement around 2016. That night at the Parent Information session we had our Middle Schools Concert Band perform two pieces. Please see below a video of the performances.

Our concert band have been very busy of late, also playing at Victorian Schools Music Festival at Deakin Edge. Click here for more information and some photos.

Our Year 9 boys have experienced their first exam period with English, Science and Maths happening over three days. It was a great experience for them as they look to move into the Senior College next year with some mixed emotions as to how they went in each of the exams. It provided them with an opportunity to reflect on how they approached their study and what they could do in the future to help improve this. Around this our boys have been preparing for their Summer Expeditions which will see a group climbing at Mount Arapiles and two groups white water rafting down the Mitta Mitta River in Gippsland.

A group of Boys in our Outdoor Ed class also spent three days on a Canoeing Camp to Lake Eildon. For more information please click here.

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The week prior to camp was spent in transition for the Year 9s where they were introduced to their pastoral teachers for next year as well experienced a large number of their subjects for next year including most core subjects, as well as any of the VCE options or electives they may have chosen for next year.

Our Year 7s have been busy with a number of activities. Both form groups are currently collecting food for disadvantaged families in our area. If you happen to have some non-perishable items as well as toys for families of the following make up:

  • Family 1: Asylum seeker family, single parent, 4 year old, 3 year old boy, 2 year old girl, 1 year old boy and also pregnant!
  • Family 2: Aboriginal family, 13 year old girl, 12 year old boy, 10 year old girl, 4 year old boy, 3 year old girl, 3 month old twins (boy and girl).

Mitch Isbel (Form Captain of 7D) organised a World Vision fundraising event for families in third world countries on Wednesday 25 November to help purchase chickens and goats for them.

7E went on an excursion to Ceres as part of Geography. For more information, click here.

At lunchtime on Tuesday Mr Mansour organised a grid iron (touch version) for a group of Year 7 boys which was a lot of fun. 

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From 2 – 4 December our Year 7 and 8 students will be taking part in a new initiative for 2016 – the eYp or ‘End of Year Program’. Throughout the three days the boys will be working in House groups on a comprehensive and engaging project that covers a wide variety of areas and different skill sets; academic, dramatic/performance, artistic, engineering, collaboration, etc. Stay tuned for more information on this very soon.

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