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It’s been great to see a lot of excitement and energy around the school as the start of the year has progressed. Watching the boys from the Middle School out a lunchtime mixing with different year levels, mixing with the girls, playing sport and the old-fashioned chasey is a wonderful sight.

From a classroom perspective whilst wandering the corridors, I am hearing conversations around Pythagoras’ Theorem, short stories in English, cells and microscopes in Science, plus much more. It’s also great to hear them talking about homework, upcoming assessments, etc. in a way of ensuring they are prepared and organised. This is something that we will continue to help teach, reinforce and guide our boys to ensure they are developing good skills and habits, as well as being able to best demonstrate their understanding of concepts when required.

We have had a large focus on internet safety early in the year with Safer Internet Day being Tuesday 6 February. Our Middle School leaders spoke a lot about this during their assembly last Wednesday, alerting boys to hotlines for help, acceptable behaviours and the importance of looking out for each other. This is something that will continue to be a real focus as the year progresses.

Tying in with this was a Digital Citizenship program we ran on Friday 16 February. This program had our boys working in their House groups under the guidance of Senior College boys to provide feedback and responses to topics and questions about internet usage and about the positives and risks of social media. It was great to allow the boys to talk openly about their thoughts and experiences regarding social media, with this information to be used by the student leaders and staff to help further reinforce respectable online behaviours.

Our Swimming Sports Carnival last Friday was also a great success with all boys participating enthusiastically and to a high level. It’s a great House event full of fast racing and competitive events, as well as some fun novelty events that allows all students to participate to a good level. A big congratulations to Butterss House who were the eventual overall winner. Well done to all boys involved in the day.

Also, we hope you can join us for the Principal’s Drinks with Secondary School Parents on Wednesday 7 March, 6.00pm – 7.30pm in the Year 9 Courtyard. Please RSVP via Trybooking.



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