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Happy New Year to everyone and a huge welcome to the beginning of the School year for 2018. A special welcome to a large number of new families joining us this year, not just in Year 7, but right across the Middle School. We have students from many different parts of our country who have moved to Melbourne and starting school with us, as well as people from different parts of the world including Indonesia, China and Holland.

It is always such a delight to have the corridors and classrooms filled with the noise and excitement that our boys bring; the school is such a better place with all of them here. Our Year 7 boys have been spending their time understanding their new timetables, finding classrooms, working out combination locks (only once have I brought out the bolt cutters!) and quickly re-engaging with friends from last year and also forming new friendships that will be forever strong as they work their way through to graduating in 2023. This seems like a long time away, but it will travel really fast and it is so important that they are encouraged to continue making the most of opportunities that come their way through their schooling journey.

Our Year 8 and 9 boys have settled very quickly into their new locations and under the guidance of their pastoral mentors will no doubt have a great year. The focus for these two year levels in the first part of this term is on camp. Their camps (Camp 1 for Year 9) is the week beginning Monday 26 February and preparation needs to start straight away. In pastoral sessions they will be covering key details such as clothing, equipment, food, etc. This information will also be conveyed to parents and it is crucial that you work with your son to ensure he is ready for his week of camp.

At assemblies during the first week, the focus has been on responsibility and on personal growth. A key to the development of our young men is the understanding of their role in society and the role of others in their lives. This can be challenging for many boys, especially during these adolescent years, however, it is crucial that this message is conveyed to them consistently as they grow.

Our Foundation Assembly held on Friday 2 February was a fantastic way to start the year. It was great to see and hear from two of our inductees to the Avenue of Excellence, Penelope Thwaites and Melissa Southey.

I wish all families a fabulous 2018 and look forward to working very closely with you as we help to guide your son(s) through these Middle School years.



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