Boys’ Middle School News

In our Middle School assemblies this term we have been discussing the idea behind personal brand and what it means for our boys. As our boys move further through their years of schooling it’s important that they start to understand that they are moving toward a very competitive environment. A marketplace where there will be a large number of equally qualified candidates with impressive grades, with a long list of extra-curricular activities, all vying for the same careers. The secret is to stand out in other ways – to have a personal brand that makes you shine.

Personal brand is your reputation. It is who you are and how you go about doing what you do. We have discussed with the boys that this requires them to look at their personal strengths, what they want to be known for, what will make them stand out from others. This is something we will be reminding and encouraging the boys endlessly as it’s crucial that they always look to be their ‘best self’ at all time. At school this can be things such as organisation, passion, respect, etc. All areas that don’t have anything to do with academic ability or future ATAR scores and things that all boys can focus on building and strengthening.

As the term progresses all year levels have been preparing for exams and end of year tests in certain subjects, as well as understanding that workloads can increase toward the end of year as each subject assesses areas of content covered this semester. This will put pressure on organisational skills for our boys as they will need to plan and organise their time, as well as ensure they seek assistance from their teachers regarding an appropriate study routine. Their pastoral mentors will be important people for them and parents in terms of helping provide guidance and support.  



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