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Beginning a term in the Middle School is like jumping onto a moving treadmill, one which I must say is set at a pace significantly faster than a gentle stroll. The boys immerse themselves straight back into school including co-production rehearsals, excursions, general classes and lunchtime activities. The end of the year is in reach for them now, but with that comes other challenges that will confront them such as end of year tests, exams, major projects, camps and other year based activities. This is something that our pastoral staff will continue to guide our boys with during their morning sessions and timetabled classes.

Recently a large number of our students were recognised for their achievements in a number of academic areas:

ICAS 2017


Number of Middle School boys achieving this level


High Distinction










Maths Talent Quest 2017

Three of our Year 8 boys were recognised for their effort and results in the recent Maths Talent Quest 2017. James Manson and Adam Choong of Year 8 both received Distinction awards for their respective projects, which is an amazing result. Fellow Year 8 student Joshua Choong, was awarded a High Distinction for his project and was adjudged best Year 8 project in Victoria. This took Joshua through to the National competition where he was not only adjudged best Year 8 project in Australia, but also won the best project in all year levels in Australia. This an amazing result for Joshua, and for Adam and James, after a lot of extra hours and hard work went into the creation of these mathematical projects.

Year 9 “Becoming a Man”

On Tuesday 17 October our Year 9 boys had their first of two sessions in their “life skills” program. This followed on from last term where the boys were learning financial literacy and an understanding of the cost of living, as well as basic savings, investing and debt. Along with this, the boys were set the task of cooking a two course meal over the recent holidays for their parents (or others), including setting the table, full preparation, serving and also cleaning up.

Last week’s session had our boys rotating around three of six activities (the final three will be completed next week) which included ironing and clothes washing, coffee making, car maintenance, bike maintenance, small motor tools such as chainsaws, lawn mowers, etc. and also a fitness session run by a trained fitness instructor. The boys really enjoyed the challenges they were faced with, as well as hopefully taking a lot of information out of each session. I know they are looking forward to the second session next week.



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