Boys’ Middle School News

As we move out of the winter months and hopefully into some warmer weather in the not too distant future, it has been great to see the boys being able to get outside a little bit more at recess and lunch. The basketball courts have been full of both boys and girls, whilst ‘downball’ continues to be a game that defies the ages, as I remember playing a version of this when I was at school. A real positive of this is that it tends to be a mix of all year levels playing together, having a lot of fun.

Thank you to those parents who were able to attend parent teacher interviews, they are a really good opportunity to meet teachers, discuss progress and together set some goals around improvement and performance for the remainder of the semester/year.

Our boys began House Showdown this week, which is a challenging activity that has them in their House groups working on a dance routine to a particular theme – this year the theme is Inspiration. The Year 9 House Captains, and fellow Year 9s, have the challenge of leading their peers through the planning, practising and ultimately performing on August 15 in the CM Wood Centre. There are a number of boys in our cohort for which dancing is their real strength, but for many this is something they find quite confronting. However, as we have always seen in previous years, the teamwork, comradery and sense of fulfilment they get from this on the day of the performance is really satisfying. I would encourage anyone who is available on that afternoon to come and watch, with performances starting at 2:20pm.

Our school cross country is this coming Wednesday and it promises to be a fantastic event. We are raising money for Motor Neurone Disease (MND) with a sausage sizzle and other items for sale on the day. It begins at 1:30pm on the school oval and has the students running around a track covering all areas of the school including the dreaded farm hill! Boys are to come to school in either their sports uniform or House colours appropriate for running. They are also recommended to bring a towel and a change of shorts/t-shirt as at the end of the course there will be a large ‘slip-and-slide’ similar to the one held at the MCG during the AFL match associated with MND. Parents are once again invited to attend and support your son and his House. Please be sure to contact your Pastoral Mentor if you have any questions.



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