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Welcome back to all families from the mid-year break to what promises to be a fantastic Term 3. A special welcome to our new boys who have begun their Tintern journey this Semester: Austen and Atich in Year 7, Marcus in Year 8 and James in Year 9.

The boys seem refreshed, rejuvenated and excited for the semester ahead of them and I would like to take the opportunity to thank all families who spent time with their boy(s) reflecting on his Semester 1 school reports and setting goals for Semester 2. Please continue to remind your son of these goals as the year progresses, and keep in contact with his subject/pastoral teacher(s) whenever you need to.

In the first week of this term, Mr McManus (Vice-Principal) spoke to all students around subject selection for 2018. He went through the process of selecting and the timeline associated with it, whilst also having staff members from each of the faculties give a brief explanation as to what their elective subject was about. The process is currently open and you have until Sunday 6 August to lock in the desired preferences. A reminder that you need to print off two copies of the receipt, one for your reference, the other needs to be signed and returned to your son’s Pastoral Mentor. Our Year 9 boys have the option of considering a VCE/VET subject as part of their course for next year and I would encourage any family who has questions on this to please get in contact to confirm your thoughts.

This term we will have a number of key events occurring: ICAS English and Maths, Cross-Country, Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences and House Showdown to name just a few. I look forward to a great term with the boys.



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