Boys’ Middle School News

The cold weather has officially arrived and I must say, the boys are looking fantastic in their long pants, shirt and ties; and there has even been boys admit that it’s warmer with pants on!

In the recent fortnight we’ve had our boys completing ICAS Science Tests, participating in Creative Writing Workshops, rock climbing on Outdoor Education excursion, taking tours on an Information Morning, performing at the Jazz Night, and also keeping up to date with their normal school work. It’s a very busy place and sometimes understandable that our boys can find life challenging when so many things are going on. As parents, it’s important that despite the challenges, you’re always there to guide, support and understand. Below is an article that talks about what teens need most from their parents – it’s a good quick read.

What Teens Need Most From Their Parents

As we head into the final two weeks of Semester 1, I have been talking to our boys in Assembly about taking risks with their learning at school. Recognising that now is the time in their lives when they can try new things and understand that failure at something only occurs if you didn’t try. It is important for them to put their hand up for activities, to recognise opportunities when they are presented to them, and sometimes go outside their comfort zone. This is why it is often important to carefully push/pull boys into things that allow them to take managed risks – it’s part of life’s journey.



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