Boys’ Middle School News

With the end of semester approaching along with key assessment and reports, the classrooms have been really active places of late. A key drive this term has been to help our boys to organise themselves in terms of school work, homework and understanding the importance of some downtime as well.

Homework is an important part of school life for our boys when it is used effectively. It should provide an opportunity for them to reinforce concepts introduced to them at school, complete important sections of work and/or research further into areas of interest (outside of social media!). Our Middle School pastoral program devotes time at each year level to sessions on personal organisation and study techniques. The aim is to help the students to develop good study techniques that enable them to manage their time effectively and maximise their learning potential.

At home it is important for parents to not allow the argument of homework to be something that impacts on family life and relationships at home. It is important that as a parent you show interest in your son’s work, encourage good habits and time management skills, as well as provide an environment that is suitable for studying. This environment would include things such as a suitable space, appropriate desk/chair/bench, good lighting, food and drink, break times, etc.

As a parent there are often two concerns that are common; my son seems to be doing no/very little homework, or my son is doing way too much. If you feel there is some concern with how your son is going with homework then please don’t hesitate to contact his pastoral mentor to assist you. The school has systems in place to help remind, assist and promote homework to save it from becoming an issue that impacts on family life.



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