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A very big thank you to all the ‘mums’ out there! This is as genuine as it can be because I know too well how challenging the role of a parent can be, and I can see (I’m not there yet myself) that mothering a teenage boy can be even harder! I have no doubt that there would be many times when you feel as though you are taken for granted, that your messages are falling on deaf ears, and that what used to be a sweet, friendly 8 year old boy has suddenly morphed into a testosterone fuelled, peer focussed ‘teenager’ who takes his mum for granted!

I want to take this opportunity to say Happy Mothers’ Day to all of you on behalf of your son(s). Mainly because I (and all staff here at Tintern Grammar) see what an immense amount of work you all put into caring, helping and guiding your young men. We appreciate the connection you have made with the school and the understanding that we will work together to ensure we are all doing what is best to have your son(s) becoming fine young men.

Below is an article that I read recently from a blogger that highlights some ideas about what a teenage boy needs from his mum. It’s a quick read and I’m sure you would agree with many of the points presented.

I hope you had a great day on Mothers’ Day and that there was an opportunity for you to be recognised for all that you do.




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