Boys’ Middle School News

As much as we love the holidays, I always enjoy the start of a new term as the students return with a sense of excitement and energy that is really motivating and contagious. They have stories to share, friends to re-unite with and importantly have personal goals in mind when it comes to their school work and their achievements. This is something that is discussed with them by their Pastoral Mentor at the beginning of each term and important for them to have in their mind as they progress through each week of school.

Respect is the key theme this term and was introduced to all students in the Secondary School in an assembly on Day 1 of the term by our Principal Mr Fry. He discussed the importance of recognising the level of respect we all need to carry within ourselves, and the importance of understanding respect in the day-to-day relationships between; student-to-student, staff-to-student and student-to-staff. Understanding respect will be something that the Pastoral Mentors will be discussing through our Pastoral Program throughout the term.



2023 Term Dates