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Year 8 and 9 Camps

This week has seen the return of our Year 8 and 9 boys from their respective camps and from all reports, the level of achievement across both camps was amazing. For some students, the camping program is a massive challenge in itself; unfamiliar surrounds, new activities, physical challenges, etc. are all elements that for certain students can lead them to finding this part of their education really hard. Having said this, the camps program exists because of the huge benefit many children experience during their respective adventures and having been on the Year 8 camp with our boys myself, I was able to witness a great deal of personal challenge and success throughout the whole week.

Camps provide opportunity for students to learn more about diversity and socialising with each other; from living together in shared dorms/tents, eating together and then assisting each other to overcome personal challenges both physical and emotional. They learn resilience through repeated efforts on activities and a sense of accomplishment when achieving a specific goal. Independence is fostered throughout the camps as the boys need to demonstrate good decision making in an environment that can potentially carry with it increased risks. Needless to say the benefits of being away from technology and social media for a period of time.

Watching the Year 8s over the week up in Myrtleford and Mount Buffalo, it was fantastic to see the boys really work together well in their respective form groups in all of their activities. Their level of support for each other throughout the week was excellent and to see them hiking around the top of Mount Buffalo was a great sight. Their cooking skills on the trangia were ‘varied’ on their campout night, with some groups opting for the more simple type of meal, whereas there were others who really catered well for themselves, preparing hearty and sustaining meals. The best part for me however, was the encouragement and genuine excited shared by all when a member of their class achieved a particular goal such as rock climbing or power pole jumping – it was really great to see.

The feedback from Year 9s following their week away was one of real accomplishment. The walk itself was really challenging with the boys doing upwards of 15km a day carrying large packs that included their clothes, food, tent, water, etc. Their pastoral mentors reflected with them on the Monday after they returned around the challenges the hike provided, both physical and psychological and it was great to hear a real sense of accomplishment. A lot of them referred to the fact that during the walk it was really difficult, but at the end of each day it was great to sit with their friends and relax, recover and prepare for the following days hike. The boys were prompted to use this as a reference tool when faced with challenging situations in the future – to recognise that sometimes achievement takes a bit of hard work, and that often it is great to do things together as a group to help each other get through.

Interim Reports and Parent Teacher Student Conferences

Interim reports will soon be available for your children along with details around our Parent Teacher Student Conferences to be held on Tuesday 21, Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29. These conferences are an opportunity for you to meet with your son’s subject teachers to discuss their start to the year. Students are strongly encouraged to attend these events. Year 7s are on camp during the last week of term (along with some of their teachers) so they will not be expected to attend interviews booked at that time. Further information regarding this has been sent to you by our Vice-Principal, Mr Jason McManus.

Isaac Hong Performs At Assembly

Isaac Hong of Year 7 was our performer at assembly this week, playing his clarinet. Please watch the video below of his wonderful performance. 

Drinks and canapés with the Principal

On Thursday 16 March our Principal Brad Fry is hosting a drinks and canapés evening for Middle School parents from 6:00pm – 7:30pm on the Community Hub outside the school library. It’s a great opportunity for parents to have a chat with our Principal as well as meet, or catch up, with other parents of Middle School children. I look forward to seeing many of you there if you can make it. For catering purposes, please RSVP here.



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