Boys’ Middle School Leaders Introduction Assembly

On Friday 17 February we had our annual Year 12 Induction Assembly which included the introduction of our Middle School leaders for 2017. These boys play a vital role in the day-to-day activities within the Middle School including assisting in the running of Boys’ Middle School assemblies, organisation of House activities, fundraising, music, performing arts and sporting activities.

Our leadership team this year consists of:

School Captain – Jeremy Yuen-Love.

Vice-Captain – Joshua Chang.

School Leaders – Alex Jenkin and Mitch Isbel.

Butterss Cross House Captain – Ben Hammond.

Dann Watt House Captain – James Reid.

Gordon Grant House Captain – Thomas Derham.

Mansfield McKie House Captain – James Dimech.

Sumner Stewart House Captain – Adam Pica.

Community Captain – Finn Cussen.

Music and Performing Arts Captain – Fintan McCrave.

Sport Captain – Paul Haasbroek.



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