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Every week is an enjoyable week in our Junior School, but the last two have certainly provided us with a range of memorable and valuable experiences. As you will read in this edition of Aspectus, our Year 1s had a close encounter with Dinosaurs, our Year 3 and 4s ventured into the city while our Year 5s travelled to outer space, and our Year 6 boys survived a race around the city. Last week, we hosted many parents and relatives who joined us for our Back To School Mornings.

On Wednesday we all enjoyed a sneak preview of the school Production ‘Oklahoma’. This morning, our Junior School boys enjoyed their annual Grand Prix, whilst displaying ‘Crazy hair’ in support of the Leukaemia Foundation’s World’s Greatest Shave. On Monday, in our weekly Assembly, we discussed International Women’s Day, and the importance of us, as males, supporting and respecting our peers in all that they do.

We spoke about the action of Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragettes, and the battles they faced. We discussed that as young men, our boys could make a difference NOW, by ensuring that they treated the females in their lives with equality and respect, and that comments that indicate that being a female was a bad thing (“You’re crying like a girl”, “Don’t be a girl” etc) and stereotypes such as “You’re a girl, you can’t play footy”, were demeaning and insulting, and could ruin the dreams and ambitions of girls.

We always endeavour to combine hands on, academic experiences, with opportunities to further discuss with and guide our boys in their development.  





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