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Junior School House Athletics

Last Friday was another exciting day in our Junior School as we held our annual House Athletics Carnival. Everyone, from our Prep to Year 6 boys and girls, participated in a range of track and field events including tunnel ball, the always popular waiters’ relay, Shot Put, 100m and 800 metre events.

There was so much energy, House spirit and ‘personal best’.

While we congratulate Dann Watt on being the 2023 House Athletics Champions, I was certainly very proud of the students who participated in so many events and were willing to have a go, despite the potential challenge. For many students, running the 800m was their first attempt at this gruelling event, and on Thursday, they were somewhat reluctant. Having a go, despite where they finished, should have given them a wonderful sense of fulfilment. This, and the parental involvement, were the highlights for me.


Tones and I 

Wednesday certainly proved to be a very exciting day for our Junior school, as we had a surprise visit from Tones and I and The Police (not the band!)

We were delighted to support Coby Ashman as he shone in Tones’ latest video. Read the report 


Police Visit 

Our Preps were delighted to have Keith and Angie from Ringwood Police visit. They talked about how Police help our community and showed us their Police uniforms and equipment. The boys all had a chance to have a close look at the handcuffs. The boys thought it was particularly funny when Ms Peters was arrested and handcuffed! Seeing the lights and hearing the sirens was a great thrill with many of the boys convinced that being a police officer would be a cool job.


Adam Kenny | Head of Boys’ Junior School 




Team Kids Autumn Flyer Tintern Prep – Grade 6



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