Boys’ Junior School News

Neurodiversity Celebration Week

Gave us another opportunity to reinforce and recognise that we are all uniquely different…and that is what makes us special.

Each day we had a Prep-Year 6 gathering at which we focussed on a particular divergence, with a discussion, brief video and facts presentation and then question and answer session.

While an understanding of each specific divergence was a focus, each day we reinforced the importance of Empathy (our E of RISE) via the following sentences on a PowerPoint;

  • be kind, understanding and encouraging
  • never forget that you have the power to make a positive difference to someone who may be having a difficult time

Our boys displayed wonderful maturity and respect during each daily gathering and while there is a genuine and consistent sense of respect in our Junior School, I hope that the focus each day further added to the boys’ understanding of themselves and each other.



Shine Cambodia 

We were delighted to receive communication that a brand new television has been installed at the RISE CAMBODIA  School, as a result of the generous fundraising of our Junior School families.

For the first time ever, these students will be able to have a TV available to enhance their learning and daily schooling. Thank you sincerely to the many families who contributed to this very worthwhile Community Service opportunity.


Grand Prix

The highly anticipated Grand Prix in the Boys’ Junior School was run last fortnight. A casual clothes and crazy hair day for our Junior Schools, there was lots of colour and cheering as the cars sped around our tennis courts track. There were multiple Year level races including a Prep race where they teamed up with their Year 6 buddies. Not to be outdone was the staff race, with crazy fast driving and equally crazy hair.




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