Boys’ Junior School News

Welcome to 2023!

We were delighted to welcome our Prep boys (the Class of 2035!!), who had such a smooth and positive start under the wonderful care and guidance of Ms Peters, and all other new boys to Tintern Grammar.


Our Boys’ Junior School theme for 2023 is RISE: RESILIENCE, INSPIRE, STRENGTH, EMPATHY. Throughout the course of the coming weeks, we will further expand on the importance of each of these dispositions or values. Each boy has a wristband that I hope they will wear frequently to remind him of RISE.

Each Year 3-6 boy also has a RISE Journal. In this, I am asking the boys to make a note daily of their attempt to make their bed (a concept we spoke about at our final assembly in 2022), to reflect upon ways in which they may have demonstrated a RISE quality, to note a ‘positive’ from their day, and to express gratitude for one thing. The Journal is optional, but I would hope that the boys push themselves to fill it in each evening.

In our Assembly yesterday we spoke about Australian of the Year, Taryn Blumfitt, and Spanish lad David Aguilar, both who have inspired others in very different but unique ways.


A reminder that our Parent Information Evening is this Wednesday…we would love to see many parents and guardians ‘face to face’ at the event that commences in the Southwood Centre at 7.00pm with Welcome Drinks for parents directly following at 8pm in the Community Hub.


Adam Kenny | Head of Boys’ Junior School 




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