Boys’ Junior School News

On Friday we had the pleasure and privilege of sharing in the Year 12 Leavers’ Assembly, an opportunity to acknowledge and thank our Year 12s as they come to the end of their Secondary Schooling.

Georgia Norton, who has been at Tintern since Pre-Prep, spoke of her journey and was followed by Mark Evans, who joined Tintern in 2014.

I have attached a copy of Mark’s speech, as written and prepared by him, with this news. It is a considered, personal and impactful speech that is a just reflection of his outstanding character, including humility, care and strength, but also holds some key messages for our boys that we shared in Assembly yesterday.


Another significant moment in the Assembly was when Prep girl Emily, and our very own Prep boy Titus,  presented our 12s with a card from our Prep-Year 2 girls and boys, giving our ‘leavers’ best wishes as they begin their new chapter.

Titus’ confidence and leadership as he read the card was wonderful…I look forward to seeing him up on stage at the Leavers Assembly in 11 years time.



Adam Kenny | Head of Boys’ Junior School and Director of Students



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