Boys’ Junior School News

In our Assembly this week, we reflected on the battle of Long Tan, what many historians described as one of Australia’s most significant wartime events, renowned for the courage and bravery of those involved, and for their ‘victory’ (survival) in such adverse conditions. Dave Sabben fought in the battle, and actually spoke at a Maidstone Street Assembly a number of years ago.

When describing how he managed to cope in such terrible circumstance, Dave said that he and his peers were so well trained, and their habits so ingrained, that he knew he could trust the man next to him to ‘do his job’, and that if they acted as a strong team, then their chance of survival was ‘good’.

We once again emphasised in our discussion that “…our words lead to action, our actions lead to habits…”, the importance of developing positive habits, and the ability to respond to adversity with calmness and appropriate actions,  with NOW.

We also discussed the recent passing of Betty Cuthbert, and spoke of her unmatched commitment, ability and success on the track, as well as her selfless spirit and courage while suffering from MS for the past 40 years.

Fourteen of our Year 6 boys shared their experiences over the weekend as they either took on the ‘Backpack Challenge’ (living life with only the possessions they have in a backpack, endeavouring to empathise with refugees) or as they ‘gave up’ something special for 40 hours, as a part of what World Vision’s 40 hour Famine/Backpack challenge. Some boys gave up the comfort of furniture, some went without I.T. some gave up talking…in all cases, the boys displayed selflessness and further developed their sense of compassion.



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