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Exploring S.T.E.A.M through literature.

This year in Library the classes, ELC to Year 6 have been exploring the principles of S.T.E.A.M through literature. Library lessons provide a nurturing learning environment, catering for individual needs and interests. Each class has the opportunity to borrow text according to interests, genre and passion. Examples of these S.T.E.A.M-led experiences are:

  • Year 3D designing their own robots using reclaimed materials in response to the text, The Wild Robot by Peter Brown,
  • ELC students making farms, cities and mazes out of LEGO and imaginative play toys,
  • Year 3A designing board games in response to The Worst Witch by Jill Murphy, and
  • Year 1 making electric, flashing circuit fireflies in response to The Lonely Firefly by Eric Carle.

In addition to the above experiences, across the year levels students are engaged in open-ended thinking opportunities through tasks designed to foster a Culture of Thinking, specifically, focussing on student risk-taking, empathy, connection and collaboration. Library online lessons during lockdowns continue to promote reading as well as continuing to foster these essential social skills.

Currently, with the Children’s Book Council of Australia Book Week awards to be held in August, Library classes have been reflecting, responding to and comparing the selected shortlisted text.  Students have been voting for their favourite, designing a new CBCA medal as well as completing specific learning experiences according to themes raised in each book.

For the continuation of 2021 Library will focus on building connections to home, school and our community, crucially and excitingly, through literature.


Emily Mars

ELC to Year 6 Library teacher


Year 2 Boys 

The Year 2 Boys have just returned from another period of remote learning. Once again the resilience of this group of boys stood out and we had a lot of fun during this online period. The boys have listed a number of the activities they enjoyed below:

  • I liked doing Prodigy, Purple Mash and coding in Scratch. I also got much faster on my Maths Tables – Harrison
  • I liked doing the Spinning wheel of Mathematical Madness.  I liked it because you never knew what activity you were going to do. – Taylor
  • We just got back from online learning. My favourite thing was Scratch! Obviously, because I have over 90 projects I am working on. – Oliver
  • I love Scratch because you learn to code and increase your skills.– Harvey
  • I loved coding in Scratch, working on my reading in reading Eggspress and listening to stories. – Tommy
  • I liked learning about the Ancient Olympics because I have Greek heritage.-Jax
  • I liked doing Tables because I like improving my skill level. Whoppo made me get better at my maths. It made a huge difference to my maths.– Daniel
  • I liked Scratch because I can make programs and I like Prodigy because it is a fun way of doing maths. I also liked the Spinning Wheel of Mathematical Madness because you never know what will come up. -Varish
  • I liked playing Who Wants to Be A Millionaire because I like getting top scores and I know a lot of the answers. I also like Scratch because I can learn to code and do projects.-Ayden
  • I liked working on my times tables because I got a lot faster. I learned how to do the scoring in Olympic diving.  We worked out the scores and Mr Kenny won!- Cooper
  • I loved playing the game Alibi because it was funny when Mr B did the announcement of who was being sent to jail for 3, 6 or 9 seconds! I also loved learning about Fractions in Purple Mash-Richard
  • I liked learning about the Ancient Olympics. Did you know the athletes were all male and wore nothing!-Ewan
  • We just came back from lockdown and we worked hard. I really like because it helps me think harder and improves my Maths- Jinghang
  • I liked using Scratch because you can program and make things happen. I also loved Alibi and planning friends. Story writing was fun online.-Nanak
  • We just got back from lockdown.  I learned how to play alibi and I worked hard on my story writing.– Vincent

John Bonnyman

Year 2 Boys Classroom Teacher


100 Days of Prep

 On Monday 2 August our Prep students celebrated 100 Days of Prep. Our Preps came to school dressed as 100-year-olds and had a fun-filled day reflecting on their first 100 days of School!




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