Boys’ Junior School News

Boy’s Junior School News

One of the most positive aspects of our year has been the displaying and reinforcement of flexibility, resilience and creativity by our boys and staff. At every point, there has been such a strong sense of “I can do this” wrapped in care for one another.

Term 4 is normally a time of camps, special events and celebrations, culminating in family Christmas events and rite of passage, memorable occasions.

The Boys’ Junior School Staff have planned for these to continue, albeit in modified form.

Our Year 3 and 4 boys will be spending a special day at the farm, leaving the school and travelling by mini bus (a much shorter trip but a similar experience to leaving for camp!) and participating in camping activities such as orienteering, cooking and co-operative games.

Our traditional ‘Dads and Lads’ evening wont involve the normal ‘Ten Pin Bowling and laser tag’ but the evening is planned to be full of special surprises, while our annual Prep/1 Pyjama Party will  still prove to be very memorable and special for our youngest learners.

Even our traditional Year 6 celebration End of Year Dinner will be in a format that is still as warm, reflective and emotional.

As the road to the end of the year becomes even smoother, I am so appreciative of the manner in which our staff, boys and families have worked together with wonderful care and positivity.


Book Week 

This week our Junior School students celebrated Book Week, dressing up as their favourite character. The theme this year was Curious Creatures, Wild Minds. You can view some of their fantastic costumes in the video below. 




Learning numbers in French with mini-basketball

In French we have been revising higher numbers in Year 5/6 by playing mini-basketball. Students who felt very comfortable with knowing numbers already were the callers, and the class worked in teams to answer their number questions. They got to shoot a goal if they knew the answer.

Jude Mathers 

French teacher





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