Boys’ Junior School Music

Last Friday in our Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 assembly we were delighted to hear Edward Zhou from Year 1 perform on his Violin. Edward has been playing the Violin for 3 years and is almost seven years old. He played Minuet in G accompanied by his sister, Stacey, on the piano. Edward played beautifully and with great expression. We were most excited to hear him play so well and look forward to many more performances in future!

We were so fortunate to have the Scrolls String Orchestra play in our Year 3 – 6 assembly this week. The Scrolls Orchestra is conducted and led by Mrs Melissa Mackie and students from our Middle School are involved. Our Year 3 boys, in particular who are just beginning the String Programme, were most excited to see and hear the students in Scrolls play their Violins, Violas, Cellos and Double Basses and were delighted to see and hear a real Harp! The Scrolls Orchestra played “The Magic Carpet Ride” from a Harry Potter movie. In this assembly we were also delighted to hear Gus Keogh play his flute. Gus gave an amazingly spirited performance of Scherzino, accompanied by our head of Keyboard, Mrs Heather Mackenzie.

To end our musical performances in this assembly, we were then treated to a performance on the Piano by Uwaez who is in Year 4. He played “Patter Dance” – a rollicking tune and his confidence in his first ever performance at Tintern Grammar was fabulous!

Thank you to all our talented performers who made our assembly such a musically memorable one!

By Mrs Jacquie Casey, Boys’ Junior School Music Teacher



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