Boys’ Junior School News

Our Prep-Year 12 Boys’ Assembly is always a very special and significant event. This morning we were able to hear from Foundation student, Ain Beruldsen, who spoke of the early days at Maidstone Street, the travelling back and forth to Tintern and his lifelong bond with his classmates.

Year 12 students Bella Wright and Jack Oberstar, who have both shared the journey from Pre-Prep to Year 12, spoke of opportunities, friendship and lifelong memories, while Boyd Pearce Schmidt (Year 7) gave his thoughts on his first eight months at Tintern.

Alumni Alfred Kouris reinforced the theme of grasping opportunities….and being the best you can be.

We were so fortunate to have the Concert Choir perform From Now On, from the Greatest Showman. The song is described as being a “prodigal moment of pure repentance and a mantra of resolve and transformation.” In many ways, it is most apt to the journey of Boys at Tintern Grammar…resolve and transformation.

I asked the boys, from ELC right through to our Year 12s, to remember the three words..…”FROM NOW ON…” Firstly, with regard to their own actions and identity as a ‘boy’….moving on from the old-fashioned stereotype of manning up, of being ‘a man’…..

We viewed a TED talk from Justin Baldoni, actor, producer and director, who spoke regarding identity and I asked the boys, FROM NOW ON, to ensure that they are brave enough to reach out to another man if you need help

That they are Strong enough to be sensitive

And Man enough to stand up to other men who treat women disrespectfully

From Now On….to make the most of every single opportunity that comes their way….


From Now On….to look after themselves and their mates…embrace them, have fun with them, protect them, guide them and value them.

FROM NOW ON……use the three words to guide you to be, in the words of the Southwood song,  the best you can hope to be.



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