Book Week

An important highlight during term three is Book Week. This year’s theme was Australia! Story Country. ELC –Year 6 students listened to each of the six short-listed Early Childhood books, discussed the themes in each book and voted on their favourite. The overall winner was Mr Huff, a story about the clouds and sunshine in each of our lives.

Our Book Week guest speaker was author/illustrator Adam Wallace who informed and entertained the students from ELC- Year 6 with his storytelling and illustration skills. On the day of our guest speaker ELC students and Prep-Year 6 girls dressed as their favourite character, author or book genre. The colourful and imaginative array of costumes and accessories from both teachers and students added to the festive and celebratory feel of Book Week.

“I enjoyed the presentation from Adam because he was very interactive and listened to our funny stories as well as sharing his own experiences. The illustrations he showed us how to draw were individual and creative. An inspiring speaker for Book Week 2016.” Georgia Norton 6A, Library and Technology Captain 2016


by Karen Worland, Tintern Library Years 1-6,
Year 8 Sport, Senior Sport






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