Book Week Celebrations


We had an exciting day last Wednesday when all children in the ELC to Year 6 came dressed up in their favourite character for Book Week.

We all assembled together in the morning for a special assembly (3-12 year olds).  Many parents were able to come and were treated to our annual Book Week parade and song.  The students and parents also took part in a Book Week quiz, matching the quotes to a book. Year 1 also gave a fabulous presentation about the mechanics of toys. Winnie the Pooh, Betty and Beatrice (resident Tintern Blackbirds)  made an appearance too, much to the joy of the audience!   

There is no doubt about it, books are a significant part of our lives. Here at Tintern, books drive every part of our learning, The children develop a love of literature and the written word  – they develop into very good writers. Special events such as this emphasize to our students how books influence us every day and give us so much pleasure…just not at school but throughout our lives.



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