Book Week Book Sale

Year 6 are pleased to announce that they are having a second-hand book sale as part of their fund raising for 2017. This will take place in the Colebrook Foyer on Friday 25 August. We ask that books in good condition and which are no longer required be brought along to school on or before Monday 21 August. While this is primarily for students, adult books will be accepted as well and there will be an opportunity for parents to purchase.

We envisage that the books will be priced from $1 through to a maximum of $7 with the majority being somewhere in between. We encourage all students to come along on the day to purchase and replenish their bookshelves. Parents are invited to come along as well and an invite will come home closer to the date. This is a great incentive to encourage reading and all money will be donated to a charity to be decided by the girls in Year 6.



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