Book Sale for Charity

“You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy books and that’s the same thing.” This quote, we think, truly describes what our buyers thought of our marvellous Second-Hand Book Sale for Charity. It was a very busy and exciting experience for the Year 6 girls’ class.

Over a couple of weeks the Girls’ Junior School brought in books that they didn’t want, or had outgrown. The books had to be in good condition and had to be appropriate to sell. The Year 6 girls collected these books every Friday, and categorised them into different genres. We ended up with a huge mountain of great books, ranging from toddler/children’s books, to young adult books. The prices ranged from $1-$7, and we decided that if needed, we would lower the prices.

Our Book Sale was a huge success! We made over $1200 for our charity and we sold almost all of our books! All of the Year 6 girl’s showed great responsibility, and time management. They all worked very well with the younger children in the ELC, and were always kind and helpful with the customers.

Overall, the Second-Hand Book Sale taught us about how to manage our time, and to work together as a team and show great co-ordination. It taught us about responsibility and also important financial skills. We just have to decide on which charity we will donate to and take a class vote. It was a great experience and you could tell that we all loved it!

Mayunie Munasinghe – 6A




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