Bloody Legend – Milestone Donors’ Award Ceremony

When Robbie Poeme lost almost all his blood from a motorcycle accident, it was thanks to the blood donors that he survived and is now living more inspirationally than ever. The young motivational speaker can’t be more grateful for the generous donors who are saving lives every time they donate. Especially the donors who have donated hundreds of times, like those we met at the Milestone Donors’ Award ceremony hosted by Australia Red Cross Blood Service at the Regent Plaza Ballroom on June 18th. The Tintern Grammar Chamber Choir was fortunate to be asked to sing at this ceremony and were greatly appreciated for their beautiful singing. The M.C. called on to stage the people who have had their 50th donation, and then those who have had their 100th, 150th… My eyes were watery when the donor who has donated more than 700 times got on the stage. 700 donations, that is a lifetime of commitment. But 700 donations also means that he has readily saved 2100 lives. He is truly a ‘bloody legend’. If he can donate 700 times, surely, each of us are capable of donating once a year?

Donating blood is such a simple thing, anyone over the age of 16 can do it, it only takes up an hour, and it does not hurt. I remember the first time I donated; I got a text message the week after, informing that my blood has already saved the lives of a patient in Box Hill Hospital. That level of fulfilment and accomplishment was something that I never experienced before, something that cannot be experienced without knowing that I have made a huge difference to the lives of others.

The incredible commitment of all those ‘bloody legends’ and Robbie’s personal story encourages us all to go out there, and help those who are in need in the simple ways such as donating blood or plasma whenever we can. One day, like Robbie, we might find ourselves in need of the help and we will then appreciate those who generous donors who sacrifice an hour of their lives saving the lives of three others. When we help others, we are spreading love, and ultimately, we are helping ourselves too.

If you are interested in donating, please check out the Australia Red Cross Blood Service website ( to check for eligibility or book an appointment. The school also runs group donations regularly during the school year. The next donation date is on Wednesday 6 September. Spots are limited, so if you are interested in donating with the school, please contact the Blood Bank Ambassadors Sabrina Wang, Emma Maynard, Meg Swain and Joel Williams or Mrs Derry.

by Sabrina Wang, Year 12 Blood Bank Ambassador



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