Big Samba

This morning a person called Steve came to our Junior school. He played the drums and it was so cool! He used Chopsticks, a fly swat, sink cleaners, feather dusters and even a toilet cleaner to play the drums! Then he used his finger to make a “vrooooming” sound. Then he taught us a rhythm that fitted to the words “Bob’s your Uncle.” I used the tambouring. Other boys and girls used the Djembe Drums and Cowbells. It was really loud. We played together really well.

by Joshua Laney Year 2 Drawing


Today Steve came and the Incursion was called The Big Samba. I liked it when he suddenly threw the feather duster! I loved playing the tambourine. It was very loud. I saw Lucien playing the Bass drum

by Heath Bowey Year 2



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