Belle Update

Belle has been visiting for a half day a week and she and the boys are really enjoying it. The boys come in saying “Belle’s here”. She helps with reading and the daily activities of the class as she continues to develop her skills and gets used to the school environment.

Belle went to Energy Plus with the Grade 3 class where she loved taking part in the activities. Belle was in the class for Spelling and then free writing and wanders round the room assisting the boys to stay calm and write. Some boys have commented that it is easier to write when she is in the class.

At Recess Belle was outside with all the boys. She loves these opportunities and boys from all age groups love to come and talk to her, walk her and help her to sit. It is such a positive atmosphere. One boy said he used to be frightened of dogs, but now he just loves them and he wants a dog at home.

Belle went home at lunchtime – exhausted from a morning of work.

by Mrs Jenny Steffens, Year 5 Teacher



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