Being Kind

Showing kindness involves taking notice of the world around and grasping the opportunities that present themselves to engage positively with others. It is asking the gardener how he is going; it is taking time to listen to others and asking about them in a conversation; it is giving the gift of a compliment when you see someone making a great effort or achieving their goal.  Kindness is a crucial, lifelong interpersonal skill. Students will use kindness on a daily basis in relating with others in the home, at work and in a community.

Since starting at Tintern nearly ten years ago I have been struck by the kindness of people, both adults and students, in our school community.  This is evident from the thoughtful gifts and visits from girls coming to see me in my office, the effort the staff make to see how I am going, and the attentiveness of those around me such as Mrs Faria, who helps me in Reception each day.  What a wonderful model of good practice for the Tintern students. 

Through the kindness we give and receive, we come to understand our intrinsic connection with those around us. We see that we are part of a human community, where the kindness given and received becomes vital to our well-being. Kind acts have a multiplying effect; as kindness is transmitted from one person to another, an outward ripple effect is created, like a stone dropping into a pond. So a single kind act can be passed on and on, bringing happiness to many.

Here at Tintern we will encourage your daughter and son to understand the world around them and to show compassion and an awareness of the needs of others. This was so ably demonstrated during our Wheelathon fundraising last week!



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