Bee Bots

What type of jobs will the Year 5s be doing in another decade? This question can only be described as perplexing. One thing we do know is that technology is pivotal in our lives and teaching computer programming will give our students the best opportunities to be skilled for the future job market. Therefore, the Year 5s began to experience how to write algorithms to program their Bee Bots through a very detailed procedural text. The Bee Bots (A robot in the shape of a bee) had the algorithms programmed into them so they could travel from point A to point B, avoiding any obstacles!

The boys found this hands on activity a great deal of fun and their algorithms were thoroughly detailed to create a successful procedural text.

Following on from this some boys have chosen to take up on an opportunity to participate in the NCSS Python Programming Competition. This is a challenging program that enables students to work with algorithms and the Python Program (What Google uses). This will develop their understanding of how to use Python to develop their computer programming skills.

Whatever the future holds for these boys we can be sure technology will play a big part!

by Mr Lee White, Year 5 Teacher






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