Assembly this week

Every Wednesday, the Junior School girls assemble together to enjoy a variety of interesting and educational sessions led by a variety of people including the Head of Junior School, the Principal and the Chaplain. Small presentations from each class are often included.  Worship and pride in belonging to the Tintern community are integral to these gatherings.

This week we enjoyed some very enjoyable piano playing from Sarah Thompson and a visit from the new Year 12 leaders for 2016, including the new School Captain Genevieve Barclay (Ms Green’s daughter!). The theme for the week was ‘confidence’. This was introduced through the story of Buttercup Bree who loved making daisy chains. Some bullies made fun of her and took a photo of her to post on every tree in sight until she couldn’t escape them anywhere. The proliferation of images represents the internet in Buttercup’s world, which the author Davis designed as a dark environment. It was a powerful message for our students, in particular the upper primary girls.  If you are interested in watching the animated story which was shown in the Assembly…. Click here

The story finishes with a happy ending as Buttercup gains confidence and triumphs over the bullies who eventually join her and change their ways.

Interesting but concerning facts!

One in five young people has suffered online abuse! A survey of more than 4,700 teenagers reveals almost half think cyberbullying is a bigger issue than drug abuse among young people. Information on cyber safety can be found here:





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