Assemblies Surprises!

Assemblies have been busy and full of different experiences this term.  Have you heard about Elmo?  He is a prize winning sheep who weighs over 120kgs and lives on our Tintern Farm. We were very lucky as Farmer Wall brought Elmo to Assembly for all of the Junior girls to see.

This week in Assembly there were more surprises for the girls as we marvelled at the space presentation given my Laura Driessen, a former Tintern student  and Dux in 2010.  Laura is half way through  a Master’s in Astronomy and Astrophysics at the University of Amsterdam after receiving a merit scholarship. She completed her undergraduate degree at Monash University with a high distinction and majors in applied mathematics, astronomy and astrophysics.  

A demonstration by our Robotics team was very exciting for everyone. Interestingly there have a been a number of parents who have been so excited by this program as well and also attended the Assembly! We also took opportunity to highlight our AFL Junior girl team who competed locally this week and got to the next round of the competition.   It was thrilling for all the girls to see such a spread of choices before them as they develop, and move up through the years and beyond school.

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