Art in Boys Middle School

During Semester 1 in Visual Arts the year 8 boys were encouraged to explore a range of activities and experiences. The students completed a collaborative printmaking unit based on the theme of ‘urban environment’ and a wire sculpture piece on portraiture, using contour drawing as further inspiration. The students experiment with different artistic ideas, materials, techniques, processes, tools and equipment including 2 D and 3D forms. Students are encouraged to share and document ideas and respond to artworks, understanding how these can contribute to their own personal and artistic development.  All students have completed a theoretical component and followed a design process to explore various materials. It has been a delight to watch the boys’ skills continue to develop throughout the semester to produce quality artworks that they are very proud of.

by Jenny Kerr – Art Teacher

2016 Year 8 Art - Josh Hillas  2016 Year 8 Art collaborative linocut boys

Year 7 boys art classes have been a creative hub for exploring observation skills and creatively applying techniques, explore materials and reflect on various artists. The boys used their own ‘photo lab’ to shoot a series of images of pears and apples with their Ipads, while exploring the paintings of Cezanne. Students created their own, unique still life acrylic painting. It is amazing to think that each of the artworks were created from a simple palette of red, blue and yellow, with the students creating their own colours – complete with some very creative names! Collage was also explored, with the theme of ‘home’, and students investigated the colourful works of Australian artist Howard Arkley. Year 7 & 8 boys were able to showcase their work in the annual 7-11 exhibition held in the Exhibition/Gallery space. They should be very proud of their work!




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