Art Excursion to Canberra 2016

On Friday 11 March, 20 Year 11 and 12 VCE and IB Art Students ventured to Canberra with Mrs Waud and Mrs Amiet. We departed Tintern at the crisp hour of 5:30am, and, bleary eyed we began our exciting excursion.

We first visited the National Gallery of Australia (NGA), which featured the infamous painting ‘Blue Poles’ by Jackson Pollock, the beautiful ‘Waterlilies’ by Claude Monet, George Baldessin’s ‘Pear’ sculpture (which was particularly exciting for the VCE Studio Arts students to see, as they had visited the Baldessin Press Studio earlier in the year), the iconic ‘Ned Kelly’ works by Sidney Nolan, a special exhibition on the works of Australian artist, Tom Roberts, and many modern and traditional iconic Aboriginal artworks. One of the particularly interesting exhibitions on display at the NGA, was an exhibition curated purely around the theme ‘Black’. This exhibition solely contained artworks that utilised the colour black in diverse, interesting and inspiring ways. While at this gallery, the students participated in a treasure hunt activity, where we had to explore the NGA looking for particular artworks, and then take a photo in front of the artwork. Great fun was had by all! The broad range of artworks in this gallery ensured that all students left feeling incredibly inspired.

We then visited the Contemporary Gallery, where we were all left in awe of the eerie lighting and sculpture installation ‘The Last Temptation’ by Ken and Julia Yonetani.

Next, we made our way across the road to the National Portrait Gallery of Australia. This gallery featured many portraits of notable people throughout Australia’s history, and it was inspiring to view how different artists created their portraits, with many techniques, styles and mediums showcased throughout the various artworks.

We ended our adventure in Canberra by all sitting in the ‘Skyscape’ structure, James Turrell’s 2010 ‘With Or Without’ artwork. Here we all reflected on our jam packed day, and reviewed all that we had seen and experienced. The day was incredibly inspiring, it exposed us to many new artists and prompted many new ideas for artworks of our own.

by Meg Swain, Year 11 IB Visual Art Student






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