Anzac Assembly

This week the girls took part in an interactive Assembly.  The theme was taken from our GRIT acronym, in particular:  I – Ignore giving up. Students took part in a quiz and answered questions about the ANZACs  –  it was impressive how much they could answer!  They also watched a great clip which integrated old and modern day footage of soldiers and featured a special music video ‘Spirit of the Anzacs’.   Take a look…

We discussed that the solders gave great commitment and determination by giving their best while during great hardship:  they Ignored Giving Up. We discussed some of the common elements of the soldiers and Nick Vujicic (man without limbs).  Do you remember him? (we spoke about him last year!)  Nick gives us a 1 minute overview of his attitude and determination about how he has managed his life. He discusses that there is no point concentrating on the things which you don’t have and what you can’t do.  You need to concentrate on what you do have.

One of the key messages about demonstrating GRIT is that you do not give up.  The ANZACs and Nick have certainly these characteristics in common.

Rotary ANZAC Service, 20 April 2016

We were very  proud of the manner in which Amber Wild and Max Adam conducted themselves and represented Tintern at the Rotary ANZAC Service at Ringwood Lake on Wednesday. They both read the requiem very well and lay a lovely wreath on behalf of the school. We also had 10 senior students performing at the event, including Nick Elliott playing the Last Post and Reveille on a World War 2 bugle.  It was an important reflective time for all concerned.

Anzac Day Ceremony, Friday 22 April

Today the Girls’ Junior School gave thanks for the many soldiers who fought for Australia. Thank you to Warrant Officer Tony Luchterhand, who was our special guest and also to Mrs Wagner who made the occasion very memorable. Some Year 6 and 2 students accompanied by Mrs Wagner, sang and discussed the origins of the Anzac Biscuit.  The girls also talked about the Last Post and Reveille which are the traditional elements of the service.  The Australian Flag was lowered to half-mast and also raised to masthead at the appropriate time by Keira Vandenbroeck our Flag Captain. 

 “Lest We Forget”

Flag Protocol for the Australian Flag on ANZAC Day

  • In the morning the flag is raised to the masthead then immediately lowered to half-mast.
  • On the first note of Reveille (sometimes referred to as the Rouse) the flag is raised smartly to the masthead.
  • After the ceremony the flag is returned to the half-mast until noon when it is raised to the masthead.

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