Annual Music Concert

School uniforms are ironed, ties found and phones taken out of blazers. Music is placed in order and Ms Bortolussi has reminded us to smile for the 100th time. Yep it’s music night!! Weeks and weeks of singing, tuning violins, re-playing brass pieces and rolls on the drums culminates in one night and what a night it is. Whilst playing or singing in a small ensemble is beyond rewarding, being a part of the massed singing is everyone’s favourite part of music night. Being a small voice in a big choir and singing songs from Jersey Boys with your friends and fellow students around you is always the most memorable part of the evening. School events come and go, but the memories of Music Night will be with us forever and every early morning, broken string, missed notes, perfect harmony and endless laughs will be with us long after we say farewell to Tintern.

by Madeline Jones, Year 9



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